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I, and my husband are in a open poly marriage. We make home made porn which you can purchase or view on

I am apart of the Poly/Swinger/Open Relationship Community, as well as the Fetish/BDSM and Body Modification Communities in the Portland area of Oregon.

I can be found all over the net, usually using the name DesTynNee, DesTynNee Realta, or OhDani.

I love Horror movies, Zombies, B Flicks, Sex, Sexual Education, Body Modifications, Yoga, Meditation, Mental Health Education, Video Games and Ghosts.

Born and raised near the Gulf of Mexico in Texas since 1982. I moved to Oregon in 2003. I was married in 2007 to my best friend and soul mate, and I have been in a open/poly relationship 90% of my life.

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Artist Peter Cook, grew this living garden chair using tree shaping methods, primarily training a living tree through constricting the direction of branch growth. The chair took about eight years to grow.

he’s wearing crocs

He grew a tree into a chair. He can wear whatever the fuck he wants.

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"A new study shows that men are threatened by confident women taking pictures of themselves, and call these women stupid, socially inept, and ugly. In other news, the world is round, the sky is blue, and the patriarchy is still shitty."

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i dont understand how i can get so much joy from covering my pets with blankets and watching the lump move around

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This is so accurate it hurts


This is so accurate it hurts

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A helpful flow chart for those who may need some pointers in the matter.

Designed by Racquel Reichard :)

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I’m on pain meds!!! Woohoo!!!

Buy my content and show proof of purchase and get an extra video via drop box!!

I’m on some OTC pain medication for my chronic health issues. Go buy my content and get more in return!!!


"Wow how do you leave your house lol" I don’t. We don’t. Your crude jokes about our illnesses and disabilities are not funny. Some of us cannot, do not, leave our houses. Nobody is laughing.

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