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I, and my husband are in a open poly marriage. We both make home made porn. We are both a bit of sluts, and enjoy the life we lead.

We are both apart of the Poly/Swinger/Open Relationship Community, as well as the Fetish/BDSM and Body Modification Communities in the Portland area of Oregon. We are both also full time students.

Any image that I post, is not mine unless I say otherwise. I find the images all over the web, I take no credit for the images. I also assume no responsibility of those that see what I post, or that what has been posted is valid and real unless AGAIN I have stated that the image in question is MINE.
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About damn time!

Birth control, whether condom, pill, patch, etc.. It should not just be the females duty. Men need to also take some control here. Keep yourself safe ladies and gents!


“(And it’s about time, wouldn’t you say?)”

Improved Male Birth Control on the Horizon « Men « Sex