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I, and my husband are in a open poly marriage. We make home made porn which you can purchase or view on

I am apart of the Poly/Swinger/Open Relationship Community, as well as the Fetish/BDSM and Body Modification Communities in the Portland area of Oregon.

I can be found all over the net, usually using the name DesTynNee or DesTynNee Realta.

I love Horror movies, Zombies, B Flicks, Sex, Sexual Education, Body Modifications, Yoga, Meditation, Mental Health Education, Video Games and Ghosts.

Born and raised near the Gulf of Mexico in Texas since 1982. I moved to Oregon in 2003. I was married in 2007 to my best friend and soul mate. We have a open/poly marraige. I have been in a open/poly relationship 90% of my life.

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Anyone who has an IUD?

Warning kinda tmi behind the cut:

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I had an IUD, I had to have it removed because it had become lodged in my cervix.

Most iuds though have a long plastic like cord so that it can be adjusted and so you and your dr can tell if it has moved.

If you ever feel like something is wrong with and IUD do not wait, go to your dr and have the check it out!!

Also carry info saying you have one! If you get into a accident you need to have a IUD checked to make sure it did not cause any damage.

Be safe!

About damn time!

Birth control, whether condom, pill, patch, etc.. It should not just be the females duty. Men need to also take some control here. Keep yourself safe ladies and gents!


“(And it’s about time, wouldn’t you say?)”

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