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I, and my husband are in a open poly marriage. We make home made porn which you can purchase or view on

I am apart of the Poly/Swinger/Open Relationship Community, as well as the Fetish/BDSM and Body Modification Communities in the Portland area of Oregon.

I can be found all over the net, usually using the name DesTynNee or DesTynNee Realta.

I love Horror movies, Zombies, B Flicks, Sex, Sexual Education, Body Modifications, Yoga, Meditation, Mental Health Education, Video Games and Ghosts.

Born and raised near the Gulf of Mexico in Texas since 1982. I moved to Oregon in 2003. I was married in 2007 to my best friend and soul mate. We have a open/poly marraige. I have been in a open/poly relationship 90% of my life.

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We are coming up on my birthday..

I sure hope you all are going to get me something great!!

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Did more drawing today,

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Some flavorful skulls

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So, as some might or might not know.. My hubby has a gf.
(We have a open/poly marriage.)
I often will record movies/shows I think they will like.
I’m such a goober.

That’s pretty awesome of you.

I try to be.

I’ve had my issues with the poly/open lifestyle. Mostly from my own deep seeded mental health issues. A few from people who didn’t understand the lifestyle. A few from those who lie and cheat.

Yes, you can still lie AND cheat in poly/open relationships.

There are some amazing books out there about this lifestyle. For me it’s always been a part of my life. I tried monogamy, wasn’t my thing. Not because I was cheating, but because I need more than what one person can give me. I found that in this lifestyle.

In a lifestyle, that I once saw on tv when I was little. I asked my parents if I could have more than one husband or wife like I had seen on pbs, they were doing a show on tribes of the world who had one than one partner, I feel in love with the idea.

You know, it takes a village, idea.


It takes a lot of work.
You can have all kinds of relationship mixtures in this lifestyle.




Poly group/open

The lists go on and on.
There is no wrong way to do this, other than breaking the rules/boundaries that you and your partners set.
Best rule of thumb, go with the boundaries/rules/limits of the who… Hmm how do I say this.. Is sheepish? Plays it more safe? Has more rules?

Eck, all sound horrible, but I think y’all get what I am trying to say.

If one group in your poly family doesn’t like condoms, but someone in the triad does, you go with the one who likes them.

If that makes any sense.

Hopefully it does.

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More grave shift doodles.

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Night job doodles

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