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I, and my husband are in a open poly marriage. We make home made porn which you can purchase or view on

I am apart of the Poly/Swinger/Open Relationship Community, as well as the Fetish/BDSM and Body Modification Communities in the Portland area of Oregon.

I can be found all over the net, usually using the name DesTynNee, DesTynNee Realta, or OhDani.

I love Horror movies, Zombies, B Flicks, Sex, Sexual Education, Body Modifications, Yoga, Meditation, Mental Health Education, Video Games and Ghosts.

Born and raised near the Gulf of Mexico in Texas since 1982. I moved to Oregon in 2003. I was married in 2007 to my best friend and soul mate, and I have been in a open/poly relationship 90% of my life.

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The Gentleman Illustrator

Flight home from Texas.

Flight home from Texas.


#pdx #portland #oregon #princessFluffyButt - I MISS YOU

@kennethbotsfordjr - #love #lover #poly #openmarriage #openrelationship #openmarriage #pdx #portland #oregon - I MISS YOU 😻

I love my princess fluffy butt.
She is my therapy / service animal.
She means the world to me.

The hubby and I will be going down to the Pride festival tomorrow(Sunday). We would of went today(Saturday) as well, but we had a graduation to go to for a family member.

This will be like my 2-3 time going to Pride. It’s hard for me most of the time being in crowds. My anxiety perks and I get upset. I also at times get angry and lash out about things because of it. Like, not knowing where we are going, when we will be there, or when / how we will be getting home. Why do I do this? It’s my safety net. Knowing those things, I feel, keeps me safe.

It sucks that my health issues have such a control over my life, but I have to come to terms with it and learn to work with it.

Anywho, hopefully we will have a good time. I am thinking of dressing up some. We shall see. :)